Sunday, August 23, 2009

Patterns of Time

So yeah . . . went to the house concert last night and it was a great great time . . . and it was made all the more special by remembering that three months ago during the Memorial Day weekend, I spent three days wrestling with the idea of whether I should take the plunge and reverse everything in my life and leave Louisiana and move to Tennessee. and NOW! on the weekend of August 22, 23, 24 . . . exactly three months later . . . i was sitting in that house with all those nice grown up people who love to create and be successful and were easy to talk to and wanted to talk to me and had big smiles on their faces. YaY!

So it's been 3 months since that weekend at the end of May. On the evening of that third day after going over and over the pros and cons of such a drastic move, I was sitting on the porch and looked up and saw this: The Burning Bush. and then I read how this had been a sign to Moses "to go!" even when he felt like he was incapable of being what God wanted him to be.

And guess what the second song that was sang at the house concert mentioned? Yep. Moses and The Burning Bush. So I know it's all got to be more than a coincidence, don't you?

In these past three months, I've gone thru so many changes. First the horrendous month of getting ready to move with all the mad crazy To Do Lists. Then the actual heave ho of moving day! with the rest of July being spent unpacking all the boxes I had just spent a month packing up! Wheeww! It's hard to believe when I look back over the past weeks what was accomplished.

And now this third month, August - it's winding down with next week the beginning of September. It's actually coooolddd here tonight!!!! It is hard to believe. But I am so excited for Fall to begin and now I only have to wait a few weeks!!!!

Well, for now the job thing is still a puzzlement, but at least I am learning to relax into God's timing on this issue and just keep showing up each day doing my best. Thank goodness the packing/unpacking issues are finally over!

Now I feel like I can settle into enjoying the things I came here for! Here's some random shots of what I've been seeing.

Oh yeah! Here is the fountain I've been building on for a little while. It has been an exercise in balance, sound and CORRECT DRAINAGE!!! If the water starts to trickle anywhere down this driftwood and then touches the vessel, it becomes a portal for water to start pouring over the side and onto the floor!!!! NOT GOOD! But I think I have finally fined tuned it . . . I think.


Evanapolis said...

Aw! This post makes me happy! I am so glad about all that! And that picture with the clouds is soooooo amazing looking! I like the fountain too! And little miss shroody bits with her flea collar. What a cutie! Love you mom!

Reecius said...

What a cool experience, i am gald to see that you are living life and enjoying yourself. I like fountain too!

Lisa from Louisiana said...

The week after arriving in New Mexico - I was at a low point - very homesick for my kids and dreading looking for a job - was wanting to quit and give up. So on that 1st Sunday i walked 2 blocks to the Methodist church and of course . . . what would the message be about? Yes. The Burning Bush. So that was a sign to me to hold on. A sign that The Promise had been made and The Promise would be upheld - just hang on a little longer. and 3 Days Later, I was working.