Saturday, October 24, 2009

A little weekend trip to Taos!

What I woke up to this morning:

and Gorgeous Indian Summer Colors!!!

and EARTHSHIPS!!! Back in 2003 I discovered Earthships for the first time online. I could not get enough information about them after that. and now I'm walking around them taking photos!!!

A dog I met today that I instantly loved. She is a combination of my 3 most favorite dogs - Daisy, Maya and King!!!
My hostess also owns this Ossie Cat . . . a very interesting breed . . . looked liked a little jacquar.


Friday, October 16, 2009

3 weeks post MOVE . . .

A successful 3 weeks have gone by since we drove cross-country and landed in this unique northwestern New Mexican town three long Friday nites ago. Much has been attempted AND much has been accomplished . . . we are so THANKFUL!!!!

The great news to report for now is . . . I got a JOB!!!!! HIP HOP HURRAY!!! Which means I can actually put down roots and get to know this place!!! So again, I am so very thankful to God for his promise keeping to me!

Here is a place I can eat lunch at . . .
The view from my office building windows . . .
More of the Fall magic to be seen . . .
and who would have thought!?! Me, the Louisianian . . . I had to come all the way to northern New Mexico before I could actually get that photo of a Great Blue Heron!!!
More photos to follow real soon!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm here now. Just gotta get that job.

Farmington, New Mexico. That's where we landed - not Albuquerque. I am thankful for that. It's a cute little town in the northwestern corner of the state with a very interesting history. And it is the hub from which I can go exploring all the wonders of the world: the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Durango, Colorado train rides! On and on the list goes. Now all I got to do is find a job so I can stay here.
The Shiprock on the Navajo Reservation.
Panoramic view looking out over Farmington.
At the Navajo flea market
Mutton on frybread.
The Fall colors are beautiful here!
There's this one business center complex that is soooo beautiful with all the adobe colors.
Roses grow so well here that they have a walking rose garden that lines one of the main streets here.

At the riverwalk park.