Saturday, April 18, 2009

View from the Front Porch

It was a front porch kind of day. Rainy rainy. But it didn't stop an exciting thing from happening!
I got to watch the Carolina Wrens feed their babies in the nest they built on the porch.
Last spring I put this plastic flower pot up for a nesting spot and this year, they claimed it (after I made a nice wooden one for them - go figure)
Made it!!!!
Uh oh! Watch out little birdies!
Some other pretty things I saw when it wasn't raining . . .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Natchez Getaway Trip

Well, of course, when I finally strike out on my maiden voyage, a TREMENDOUS thunderstorm breaks out! And of course, I got pretty soggy getting in and out of the camper but once the clouds rolled away, I was good to go!

For more photos of what I saw at the most excellent Riverview RV Park in Vidalia, Louisiana, which is located right on the Mississippi River at the foot of the bridge, across from the Natchez Bluffs, click
After a good night's sleep in my little camper, I was ready to drive across the bridge into Natchez and take a tour of three of the antibellum mansions.

Melrose Plantation

Longwood - uncompleted and left as it was when the Civil War broke out.

And lunch at a Thai restaurant in downtown Natchez!!!!

For lots more photos of what I saw in Natchez:
That afternoon, I drove a little over an hour to Percy Quinn State Park. It is just south of McComb on I-55 and just a little ways from the Louisiana Border. This was a beautiful and well maintained park and I had soooo much fun exploring and taking bird photos.

This is my little pal who hung around my camper all morning - so much so that people thought he was my pet squirrel therefore giving me the name "The Squirrel Lady"!! Could I have been more proud!?
There were so many things to see and do here in this beautiful park!
For lots more photos:
As I just love the rustic Art Deco style of CCC buildings in the State Parks, and my grandfather was in the Mississippi CCC, I decided to start taking photos of what is left of the original CCC buildings. With the passage of time, alot of the original stuff has fallen into disrepair or is being remodeled over so I thought this would be a cool endeavor.

For more photos of the CCC influence:

For more photos of all the birds I saw and can now add to my Bird Photo collection:
and for photos of the Little Camper that Could in action:

I can't wait to take the Lil Camper out again for another adventure!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

David's IronMan Triathlon in New Orleans

Had a fabulously fantastically fun time in New Orleans this past weekend and David did so well in this Ironman triathlon. For full coverage of what all happened, click this link:
Next weekend: Natchez!!!!