Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Day Today!

Well I'm happy to report that my melancholy mood the other day was only the result of those stupid hormones! If there is ever a time when I think the world is ending, it's THAT week . . .

so with that being said, i can now say that I've had a string of good productive days. I've gotten pretty good at recognizing the SPAM jobs on Craigslist. And thankfully, there have been several REAL job postings on there in the last few days plus in the local paper online as well. So I got resumes and applications out to all of those, plus i got plugged in with all the employment agencies. So I'm hoping to be setting a few interviews this next week!

In the meantime, I am enjoying my work at the store. Today was super easy - just shelf maintenance and taking care of the boxes and trash that were stacked up from the guys building furniture and bikes. Totally fun - hardly any contact with customers! Although working the register isn't that bad either. It's fun to watch the locals and think about stuff and every now and then, one of them is easy to talk to and I have a "single serving friend" moment.

Oh and I've lost 3 more pounds! What a fabulous side effect of this physical job. Sometimes I think why not just stay with this job and work up - cuz they are wanting me to take on more hours, especially as we move into the retail holiday season . . . AND THAT IS WHEN I REMEMBER WHY I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT: I don't want to work retail at Christmas!!!!!

YUK!!!! it's been my policy for quite some time to stay away from stores during the holidays. So yeah . . . i want that office job and those office job hours: weekends, federal holidays, you know.

so it's up to God what happens next . . . since my Melancholy Madness Meltdown last week, I have been able to reaffirm and relax into that knowledge. And to also remember don't waste away all this free time I've got by worrying. So in between dropping off resumes yesterday, I went and hung at the Dunbar Caves Natural History Park which is only a few miles from here. Very interesting. I will be back to explore more! It was a nice break to revel in the natural habitat of this area plus I got to see some photographs of what it looks like here in the FALL and WINTER!!!!!! I'm going to go crazy with my camera!!!! So like I said - good times!

and with that I leave with this . . . which is also the Wallpaper on my computer:

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