Sunday, May 31, 2009

Clarksville, Tennessee

Dorothy . . . you're not in Louisiana any more.
Nashville, Tennessee
Just keep driving north a little bit further
And take this exit.

Then drive through this really nice neighborhood and look for this:

Come on in!!

Into the dining room
The kitchen
The sunroom
which opens out onto this upper deck.
Monica's bedroom
and awesome bathroom!!!!!
Now go upstairs
To my bedroom. Look at the cool railing where little things can be displayed
An alcove for a media creation station
lots of closet space
out in the hallway is my bathroom and more closet space.
a quick peek into the bath
and then here is the guest room.

Then, go down down down to the basement, which is going to be my own chillin TV hang out room. The man hasn't moved out all his stuff but on this side of the stairway is a very cozy area and then . . .
on the other side of the stairwell, it goes on for miles and there won't be any cars parked in here. I can have an art studio on this side. There is also a full bath down here and heat. The checkered floor is only a year old and Monica plans to finish out the ceiling so it has a loft like feel.
Now go back outside to the back of the house. Hike down this stone steps . . .
and we will have this awesome deck to sit on!!!!
which overlooks the seven springs tumbling down the hillside
a glance back up the hill from the deck and you can see some of the back of the house.
This little area can make a nice potting shed and art creation center
That upper deck
around one of the back corners
all surrounded by serene woods!!!!


Evanapolis said...

My jaw is all loosey goosey now! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWIE ZOWIE!!!!!!!! It's all so amazing!

Debbie said...

OK. I'm jealous! This is beautiful now...but just waiting until Autum. Those leaves will be breath taking!!! love it!

Lisa in Louisiana said...

I KNOW DEBBIE!!!! The FALL and the winter with snow trickling down!!! I will love the weather and seasons here!!! BONUS!!!!!