Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bluebird Fight!!

The other morning before going to work, I noticed there was all kinds of squabbling going on by one of the chickadee nest boxes.

Of course, I had to see too what was inside and wonder what these blue birds were fighting over.
Whaaaa! One little chickadee chick up against the corner of the house, who promptly flew out and onto a branch. Good luck little one!
and then I see 2 more chicks hunkered down into the nest.

I had to close the box up and get to work so I 'm not sure what happened to these chicks. I did notice before I left that the bluebirds were not coming back to the box and fighting so maybe I scared them off by being there and maybe these other two chicks got the chance to get out and fly away to adulthood . . .

There was another chickadee box that I had been watching the parents go to with food . . . >

and so a few days after the above traumatizing episode . . . the orange cat comes into the house with a bird - a baby chickadee!!! Fortunately I was able to get it away from the cat. Evan and I held the little bird while it calmed down and then took it outside, away from the house and put it up high in a tree. I hope it was able to become a real bird.

So now a week later, I looked into the two nest boxes. The one where the fight took place now has two speckled eggs . . . maybe leftover eggs that didn't hatch from the last brood or maybe they are new? The other box was empty of eggs & chicks, so I pulled out the nest in case they want to use the box again for another batch of eggs.

a puzzlement all away around . . .

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