Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birds I've seen recently

I saw this male Baltimore Oriole sippin out of the hummingbird feeder on the afternoon I came back from Natchez with Mama (5/09). I was sooo tired from our extravanganza that I flopped right on the bed, but in a bit, something orange outside the window caught my eye. I wasn't tired anymore! I grabbed my camera and through the window got this shot. A day or two later, I saw the female Baltimore Oriole:
Here's a cute little Killdeer. I love these cutie pies. I got to get a shot of them walking/running one day soon.

A Great Blue Heron in flight:
And when I was at the State Park in Texarkana for David's latest triathlon (5/18), we saw lots of these Scissortail Flycatchers!!!!

They were so fascinating and so beautiful when they were in flight. Here's a few attempts at catching them flying with their long tail spread open:

Look at how straight this little dude is!!!

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