Friday, October 3, 2008


By almost accident, I went to the Downtown Art Crawl last night. My friend Heather had e-invited me to come see an exhibit she had going on at a gallery downtown and I decided to go, not knowing that her exhibit was a just a part of a bigger event. There are now 7 art galleries within walking distance of each other in the downtown area - WOW!!! and to draw attention to this, “they” will be sponsoring an occasion the first Thursday every other month. This was the first event and I had a lot of fun and it was like a little shot of electricity through me seeing all the artworks and connecting with some of my art friends from back in the day. So I feel pretty happy today.

I have to say though as I walked from exhibit to exhibit, a lot of the works were disappointing to me in that they had nothing to say, and after spending a lot time these days on the computer creating “instant” artwork, I felt like the paintings and photographs I was seeing on those walls, with their exorbitant prices, weren’t really worth the time and effort that the artist put into them. As an artist myself, I felt kinda like a traitor for having those thoughts, but still, the images and ideas I saw were so blahsey-been-done-1,000-times-before. But finally, in the last gallery was some work by two different artists that had a lot of thought behind it - especially one artist, who painted in a surreal, photorealistic style - which I am so partial to - and they all had thought-provoking and spiritual undertones - hurray!! Art is not dead in the wake of the computer!!

I’ve emailed a few questions this morning to see what it takes to submit work for the December Art Crawl - I have some nice photographs that I think would make a good exhibit . . . we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll keep creating my “instant” art to keep me happy, like this:

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Evanapolis said...

uhhh....the internet is killing all forms of art. but it's so fun to kill it. *sigh*