Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well here it is Sunday nite and I'm sitting here at the new house in Tennessee. I am so tired I can hardly see straight. Waiting on a load of towels to dry so I can take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow I hope to make a dent in the mountain of boxes that are stacked all over my living space. I'm so mad at myself for not taking a BEFORE photo of the area before all those boxes and furniture was moved in but I was too tired this morning before we unloaded the van to hunt around and find my camera.

Also I wish I could have stopped during the moving process to take pictures of everyone sweating and schlepping furniture into the van, but there was no time to stop. We had to get that stuff in and get on the road and there was no time to stop and take photos. It was one hot tiring job. My brother and his wife really did a fantastic job of getting me moved, plus my 2 nephews, Aaron and Joey were there to lend a big helping hand as we moved stuff from my old house into the van. And guess what?! I underestimated how much stuff I had going and ordered a 14' foot van which proved to be too small. But my brother took it all in stride and the next morning we were at the UHAUL place bright and early and got a little trailer to hook on to the UHAUL. It looked a little silly but it worked - they got all my stuff packed in.

Then we took off heading north for about 9 hours and got to Clarksville around 9:15 last night. Today, after unloading the UHAUL, I was then kinda in a daze for the rest of the day, not really knowing what to do first - working on one thing one minute but then stopping to work on something totally different the next minute. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more organized. And hope all my cats come out of their hiding places. I consistently see 3 of them, but I haven't seen the orange one since sometime this morning. I'm afraid that he might have squeezed past me as I was bringing something in the door. One minute he was there behind me and the next he wasn't. He could have run back into the inside and hidden or he could have sprung out into the outside world and then he's out there in the woods all freaked out and not wanting to come back to a house he doesn't know. I hope he hasn't struck out for Louisiana . . . I hope when he gets hungry he will come back around. : (

Well, tomorrow when I am not too tired to get up and go find my camera, I will post the photos that I DID take of the past couple of days. Surely those towels are dry by now. Shower and bed here I come.

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