Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fence is Up!

Boooo Hissss Kennel
The area BEFORE:
The Yard! now AFTER:
Run little dogs! Explore your new world!
We did a lot of work on Saturday to make this happen. Thankfully we had some help!! Monica and I layed out the landscape ties to mark off the space and then 2 workmen stretched and nailed the fencing wire all around. And while they were doing that, we chopped down all the little trees and brush using a Sawzall. The work guy's 2 little kids helped us clear the area and drag away all the cut down stuff so that was extra GREAT! Then we raked it up and stuck rocks in the little open spaces and TA DA!! a great yard for the 2 little dogs to run around in and have fun!!!


Debbie said...

Geez. You guys are really working hard! Everything is shaping up. Still, I miss you.

Lisa from Louisiana said...

aaaawwwww Debbie : (