Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Orleans Mardi Gras

So, David, Sarah, one of her friends, Evan and Matt went to New Orleans for the parades down there. And the parade part was very fun and the floats were awesome to see, but once the parade was over, they made the mistake of thinking it would be fun to walk down Bourbon Street. BIG MISTAKE!!! The crowd was so massive and tightly packed that it was a nightmare for anyone short, like Sarah, or highly claustophobic, like Evan. They were trapped in the middle of this heaving, pushing mass of drunken humanity for a horrifyingly long time, trying to force their way back out of Bourbon Street, occasionally ducking into stores to breathe, only to be pushed back out into the crowd by the bouncers. So I was definitely glad I decided to stay home. Just hearing Evan tell what all happened made my palms sweat.

Here's the beginning of the big job of trash pickup to clear the streets for the next day's parade.

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