Friday, August 27, 2010

(almost) Labor Day 2010. 8/27/10

I have really enjoyed my summer time in the Four Corners!

However, I spent most of my adventures in beautiful COLORADO!!!!
i LOVE love LOVE this place!!

I took a quick history class through the college and we explored the late 1890's mining camps of the southwestern Colorado mountains. This is Silverton.
This is the group that I went with on the day-long field trip. Awesome time!
I also had the opportunity to go with some gardening friends into the La Plata Mountains looking for wildflowers.

Spent the 4th of july . . .

River rafting down the Animas River out of Durango, CO

Took a few days off work and went to Pagosa Springs to soak in the natural hot springs.

Oh! Did i say how much i LoVe LOve loVE Colorado!?!?!?

One of the biggest developments to happen to me is that i started volunteering a couple of times a week at a local equine rescue facility!!! and through being a volunteer at the Four Corners Equine Rescue, I have been able to attend several training clinics at the Parelli Ranch outside of Pagosa Springs. This training is being given to the volunteers of FCER so that we can use our skills to bring trust and confidence back into the minds and spirits of the horses we receive at the rescue. Pat Parelli's techniques allows you to communicate with the horse thorough hand signals, almost like MAGIC!!! I have taken this really to heart and think it would be great if I could one day foster some of the horses from FCER with some one-on-one care and time. Only time will tell . . .
Parelli me

Scenes from the Four Corners Equine Rescue

Then the best thing in the world happened!!!
The kids came out to see me and explore the Four Corners!!!

We went to ShipRock and over into Arizona, then to the 4 Corners Monument and then to several interesting things in Utah. Valley of the Gods, Gooseneck State Park and the Moki Dugway . . .

and to the look out point of Muley Point.
Now summer is winding down. The weather is nippy in the evenings and early mornings. Fall is definitely in the air . . .

Monsoon rainstorms in the afternoons . . .
makes it the ideal time to start doing a little yardwork. Planted some beautiful irises by the back patio!
who said i live in the desert?
School has started at the college and my job has gotten real busy again. But it's fun and lively with all kinds of great personalities to interact with - plus i am taking a beginner Math class. If i just take a few classes, i can wrap up the college hours that i already have into a Bachelor's degree. Who would have thought it at 50 years old? Speaking of which . . .

LOL - since i have orthodontic insurance as a job benefit - well? WHY NOT!?!


Evanapolis said...

I'm so glad you are out there now Momma! I can't wait to join you in two years!! We can adventure together!

Lisa from Louisiana said...

Evan, you know it!!!! Loves!

DEBBIEJ said...

It's been quite a while since I looked at your blog and I've got to tell you, you have been a very busy lady this summer. I'm so proud for you and glad that you are living your dream and not living in that cubicle at the law firm!!! Who knows, one day, I may ask for a place to sleep when I head out that way for a visit. Love you and keep posting those beautiful photographs!!!!