Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So much has happened in the last month . . .

The very best thing to happen was that I was hired by San Juan College as the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Science!!! I've been there 3 weeks and I LOVE IT!!!
This hangs in one of the hallways at the college. I like to think it's a portrait of me in 20 years!
We made another trip over to Taos. What a magical place it is!
I found a fantastic consignment store where I can buy all the warm clothes and boots and jackets that I could ever want for pennies on the dollar!
I finally got a photograph of a Magpie. Very beautiful and mischievous birds!
Coming back from Taos, going through the Chama Pass was treacherous driving.
But so very beautiful.
Back in Farmington, when it's not so cold I've been walking at the Riverwalk.
I saw a lot of deer on my last walk there.
and cute ducks doing tricks!!!
For Thanksgiving, we drove up to Durango, Colorado and had Thanksgiving dinner at this fancy-smancy hotel.

Monica had the traditional turkey and dressing.

I could not resist the prime rib!!
This shows how close Durango is to where we live. Only about an hour north.
Got a photo of a European Starling. Look at his iridescent colors!!!
San Juan College put on a gigantic Luminaria display last weekend.
And I decorated the Aspen tree outside our house.

One of the best things about working for the college is that I will have 2 weeks off at Christmas!!!! I'm going to drive back to Monroe to spend Christmas with my kids and my mom and then I will come back to Farmington for the 2nd week off to get ready to ring in 2010!!!! What a year it has been!!!

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