Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Starting to Make Sense Now . . .

Well as I've said before: the job piece of the puzzle hasn't exactly fallen into place here in Clarksville, TN. Yes . . . for a brief minute there I thought I had the most fabulous and perfect new job EVER!!! I even made it Facebook official. But for some reason I just couldn't DECLARE it on this blog.

Fast forward a week later - that job is long forgotten and another couple ones have been surrendered to not meant to happen. AND ALL FOR GOOD REASON!!!! I am about 95% sure that by October 4, which will be exactly ten years to the day that I first touched New Mexican soil - i will be waking up in whatever our new temporary digs will be - making out the day's plan for the next level of my life in Albuquerque, New Mexico!!! Which is where Monica has just gotten an awesome new job and where she lived for 10 years before going to Taos. I always said I was going to move there when the time came and it seems that Tennessee was just the washing machine cycle of life to get me to the point where I could really let go and be ready for such a move.

Oh yes. On one hand - it's hard to believe. But on the other it all makes perfect sense.

So again I am packing. Shaving down my possessions to one more lighter level of travel. Thankfully it won't be as hard as the last time. I just got to take what's absolutely necessary and put the rest in storage for the time being. I started today and my bedroom is already done. and I have a TO DO LIST for the rest all mapped out. Next week I will pack it all up again. To head to the Land of Enchantment full of art, sky, light and every camping opportunity and experience known! I am one BIG step closer to that fantasy of working seasonally in resorts and lodges. Who would have believed it when I was daydreaming so much about this one year ago that it could all fall into place like this!!!

Well . . . last weekend I got the chance to go to Monroe to see my kids and family and welcome my brother & sister-in-law back to the States as they are now retired from the Air Force. We got to have a Labor Day Jennings Reunion Shindig as only we can have them!!!! Soooooo much fun and I will treasure the memory of those 4 days as I travel forward.

Here's a few pics of us down through the years:

The early 1970's
High School Seniors - 1979, 1982, 1984 and 1989
Labor Day 2009
For more great pics from the Jennings Labor Day Reunion Shindig:

Louisiana Labor Day:

Various and Sundry Things:

Brothers & Sisters:

Cutie Pies:

David's Bayou Club triathlon:

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