Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

Happy New Year to all ya'll

I stayed up super late New Year's Eve nite making Polyvores - dialup was unusually fast last night - and emailing back and forth with my friend Monica (from New Mexico but living in Nashville at the moment). She was making Polyvores too, so that was alot of fun - it was like we were spending New Year's Eve together!!

While I was doing that, Ernesto was flipping back & forth between several Mexican New Year's Eve specials on the TV with the volume up SUPER HIGH - of course - but the music was festive and we got up and danced a few times all around the living room, which was great fun and when the clock struck 12:00 I went outside to hear all the fireworks going off across the countryside, all the while looking at the clock on my cellphone, pondering the image of 2009 on the dateline. Then David and Evan got home about 1:00 a.m. with tales of their New Year's Eve gatherings so everyone in West Monroe had a good New Year's Eve.

Today, I'm catching up on email rite now - can't believe the dial-up is still cooperating. Evan is sewing, Ernesto went to pick up his two Mexican friends who work at the Chinese restaurant - it's rare they all have the same day off together and so they are heading to the lake and David ran over to Sarah's house and in about an hour we are gonna meet at a wildlife wetlands walking park in just outside the city so I can try to get some photos of different cranes & egrets that I saw there the other day.

good fun

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