Monday, September 29, 2008

In the beginning, there was a cedar mailbox . . .

In the Fall of 2003, this mailbox was the symbol of a new start. It was synonymous with the “flavor” that I wanted to impart with this new house . . . something along the lines of a wilderness lodge. And a cedar mailbox was perfect for that look! Over the past 5 years, I have enjoyed decorating this mailbox with signs of each season. A beautiful Fall wreath, pine boughs and red velvet ribbons at Christmas, spring flower garlands in April and American Flags on the 4th. I had my doubts when I first put this mailbox up on the busy country road that it would last very long, as smashing mailboxes is a highschool boy’s sport around here. But it was never a target until about a month ago when someone batted the mailbox. Some of the slates came loose, but with some twine, I wrapped it back up nice and tight. It kinda looked bad, but I didn’t want to replace this loved mailbox.

AND THEN . . . whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

At first I was soooooo mad. Was about to call the Sheriff’s Office about those “crazy boys hitting mailboxes on our road”!! But then we started looking at the situation. The tire tracks were in such a position that the car/truck hit the mailbox square in the middle of the vehicle’s grill. I realized then this was no prank. From the distance of where the top of the mailbox & post was thrown into the woods to the fact that whoever did this crossed the middle line of the road, it was clear that this was the work of a drunk driver and my mailbox probably saved their lives!! Hitting the mailbox probably woke the person up enough to steer back onto the road instead of flying off into the woods and hitting a tree!! Once I realized that the demise of my mailbox was a noble cause - it saved a life (a stupid one for drinking & driving, but still a life), I calmed down.

We then made plans to head to Home Depot and get another mailbox. It wouldn’t be a fancy cedar mailbox this time. It needed to be utilitarian since we’ve started taking hits to the mailboxes around here. So here is the result:

Not the same, but it's cool cuz I'm now in the "remaining sustaining" years.

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